Friday, 22 May 2015

remembering viveka

Two of the greatest thinkers of the 19th century India, Paramhansa and Vivekananda brought the focus of socio religious reform from reason to emotion and from change via laws and citing scriptures to an inner spiritual change. It is for this reason, their appeal to the intrinsic goodness in humankind, what Vivekanada termed as 'to preach into mankind their divinity' that their teachings remain immensely relevant to India's youth today.

 Indian youth today finds itself torn between a blind pursuit to power and prosperity in a techno-economic competitive world, and basic survival. A skewed urbanisation, declining employability and an education system focussed on skill sans values have led to degradation in youth as witnessed by broken homes, intolerance, increasing crimes and juvinile delinquency. Vivekananda's spiritual humanism is much needed today. Despite being educated, Indian youth fails to stand up against caste and gender based discrimination, superstition and religious orthodoxy at times at its own home, family, relatives. It needs to be reminded of Paramhansa's message of service to mankind is service to God. 

The youth needs to rediscover Vivekananda's message of looking inward rather than being a restless soul stuck up in an incessant effort of straightening out the world, without first improving oneself. Vivekananda's 'calm man of good judgement' is what every organisation, whether private or public seeks today. We as today's youth need to come out of our rote based bookish learning into the life giving and character building aspects of education, which as truly the Swami said is the manifestation of perfection already in us.

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